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化工新型材料  2018, Vol. 46 Issue (10): 22-26    
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Review on the carbon nanotube/polyaniline binary composite
Fan Youhua, Wang Yong , Deng Layun, Kang Di, Chen Zejun
Forestry Industry Research Institute,Hunan Academy of Forestry,Changsha 410004
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摘要 碳纳米管(CNT)/聚苯胺(PANI)(CNT/PANI)二元复合材料具有优异的综合性能。CNT/PANI通常采用电化学法和化学法合成,采用化学法合成CNT/PANI,最大的挑战是获到可处理的CNT/PANI。综述了CNT/PANI的各种掺杂处理、反相聚合法和非原位聚合法,以及在化学传感器、电容器、电池、微波吸收和分离与纯化等领域的应用特性,以期为CNT/PANI二元复合材料的开发提供借鉴。
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关键词:  碳纳米管  聚苯胺  二元复合材料  制备  应用    
Abstract: Carbon nanotube (CNT)/polyaniline (PANI) (CNT/PANI) binary composites have excellent comprehensive properties,which are synthesized by electrochemical method and chemical method.The most challenge is to obtain processing CNT/PANI synthesized by chemical method.The doping methods,reverse phase polymerization and non in-situ polymerization of CNT/PANI binary composites,including their application in the fields of chemical sensors,capacitors,batteries,microwave absorption,separation and purification were reviewed,which will promote the development of CNT/PANI binary composites.
Key words:  carbon nanotube    polyaniline    binary composite    fabrication    application
               出版日期:  2018-10-20      发布日期:  2018-11-06      期的出版日期:  2018-10-20
基金资助: 湖南省自然科学基金(2006JJ6055)
作者简介:  范友华(1980-),男,博士,主要从事生物基复合材料研究。
范友华,王勇,邓腊云,康地,陈泽君. 碳纳米管/聚苯胺二元复合材料研究进展[J]. 化工新型材料, 2018, 46(10): 22-26.
Fan Youhua,Wang Yong,Deng Layun,Kang Di,Chen Zejun. Review on the carbon nanotube/polyaniline binary composite. New Chemical Materials, 2018, 46(10): 22-26.
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